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OMR Machine – Sekonic SR-3500 / SR-6000 / SR-6500

Easy to Control, High Accuracy, High Performance, and High Reliability

OMR Technology can ONLY capture the data of “Black” and “White” on the OMR form: Therefore, it’s ” Very Easy” “Simple” “Accurate” concept.

INTRODUCTION SR-3500 / SR-6000 / SR-6500

  • Easy – USB Connectable !!
    • Use SEKONIC OMR with your Nate & Mobile PC. Any LAPTOP PC / NOTE PC / MOBILE PC Connectable! Also, SR-3500 / SR-6000 / SR-6500 have ” Traditional” RS-232C Communication.
  • Accurate (Reduce Reading Error)
    • Reduce human data entry error and OMR technology is more accurate than Optical Scanner due to recognizing ONLY density of mark sense ( not need recognize any character from image).
  • Performance (Saving Time – Reduce The Cost)
    • Approx 3,500 pages per hour (SR-3500)
    • Approx 5,500 pages per hour (SR-6500)
    • Approx 6,000 pages per hour (SR-6000)
  • Compatibility
    • Fully compatible with our previous OMR’s
      • SR-3500 = fully compatible with SR-2300 / compatible with SR-600
      • SR-6000 & SR-6500 = fully compatible with SR-5500 / compatible with SR-900 / 9000
    • You can choose operating software
      • “Markview”, our standard software is fit for SEKONIC OMR. Or others, you can feel free to select operating software made for our OMR’s.


  • Education: Testing / Scoring / Analyzing, Student Survey, Course and Instructor Evaluations
  • Medical: Health Questionnaire, Drug Usage, Clinical Evaluation, Patient / Physician Surveys, Nurse Scheduling
  • Business: Market Strategy, Aware Survey, Personnel Evaluation, Employee Satisfaction Study, Quality Control Reporting, Customer / Guest Satisfaction Study, Balloting


Also, following optional functions make SEKONIC OMR’s more easy and effective in use.

  • Printer
    • This interactive printer permits print data read from the form during the scanning process.*
  • Barcode Reader (Horizontal / Vertical)
    • This barcode reader accepts UPC/EAN?JAN, 3 of 9, interleaved 2 of 5, coda bar, code 128, NW7, ITF and more. This option permits the scanner to decode most of standard barcode symbologies from the form.
  • Pencil & Pen Making Acceptable
    • This function permits to use black and blue pen to fill the bubble mark in addition to pencil.
  • Select Stacker
    • This is an option for SR-3500, and is standard for SR-6500.*
  • Operating Software (“Markview” Software)
    • <PC. Window 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7>
    • This software can collect mark data (output by CSV and TXT format), and easy to making layout (template).
    • This software, test form and sample forms provide the customer to set up and confirm the major functions of this OMR very easily.

* Printer and select stacker do not apply to SR-6000.